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Making Celebrations Fun and Magical
Hello! Spend a wonderful time with your family and friends on your smashing event with us! We do it fun, wholesome and kid friendly. It's my duty is to make sure your guests have a blast on your kid's special day, and together with my team we will make it a hassle free celebration so you and your loved ones can focus on making new memories.
Proposed Birthday Program: 1. Welcoming of guests 2. Introduction of the celebrator 3. Fun games 4. Eating time 5. Magic show 6. Wacky ventri puppet act 7. Singing of birthday song 8. (if any) pinata, balloon burst, etc 9. Distribution of lootbags
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Magic & illusion show | Hosting | Fun Games | Balloon Twisting | Wacky Ventri puppet | Free use of Sound System
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  • Powerful 2000-Watt PA speaker system with stands
  • Audio Mixer
  • Wireless microphones
  • Notebook Computer
  • Preselected songs for the whole duration of our program
  • with Option to plug your own device or usb to our system
FREE use of sound system for the duration of our show. We know that quality sound system is very important. That's why from the microphones to the speakers, we invested on nothing but the best for your party and keeps them well maintained to make sure it delivers only clear quality sound everytime.
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some photos and videos posted here are credited to Nice Print Photography, Shutter Count Photography, Rio Jones Photography, Lemon three production , Michelle Morelos Photography and other respective sources