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Making Celebrations Fun and Magical
Hello! I'm a free-lance party host / magician specializing in children's parties and other family event. I do magic and illusions. I can also facilitate games and host your party. It's my responsibility is to make sure your guests have a blast on your special event. And together with my team, we will make it a worry free celebration, so you and your family can focus on making new memories. .
Sample Birthday Program: 1. Welcoming of guests 2. Introduction of the celebrator 3. Fun games 4. Wacky ventri puppet act 5. Eating time 6. Magic show 7. continuation of games 8. Singing of birthday song 9. (if any) pinata, balloon burst, etc 10. Distribution of lootbags
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Wizzo as featured in these party Video links
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** Magic & illusions show, Fun Games, Hosting, Balloon Twisting, Wacky Ventri puppet and free use of sound system**